• Question: What type of books do you read?

    Asked by Nathan to Aisling, Anil, Claire, Leona, Micki on 9 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Micki Mitchell

      Micki Mitchell answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      I love books! I read all the time. I like thrillers, adventures, crime, fantasy and action, mainly. I really like Stephen King, Philip Pullman, Phil Rickman, Robin Hobb and many more. 🙂

    • Photo: Leona Mc Girr

      Leona Mc Girr answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      Unfortunately, I dont read as much as books as I would like to. I read more journals than books these days! I do like a triller and action books though.

    • Photo: Anil Jain

      Anil Jain answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      I read all kinds of books. If I am really enjoying one I cannot stop till I finish it.

    • Photo: Claire O'Connell

      Claire O'Connell answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      I mostly like to read fantasy, fiction or science fiction. I don’t have one favourite author in particular but any book with a good story line has me.

    • Photo: Aisling Kerr

      Aisling Kerr answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      I read every type of book – anything I can get my hands on really! Some of my favourite books have completely changed the way I think about life! Mostly I read mostly fiction (Micki suggested some of my favourite authors!) but some non fiction finds its way in there too. Currently I’m reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie which is a very good book!