• Question: What is the equipment you work with like?

    Asked by 627nand22 to Aisling, Anil, Claire, Leona, Micki on 7 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Micki Mitchell

      Micki Mitchell answered on 7 Nov 2015:

      My main instrument is.. Ahem.. Temperamental? Character building? It’s got a life on its own, and it’s possessed by gremlins, anyway.

    • Photo: Aisling Kerr

      Aisling Kerr answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      Very sensitive! My equipment measures how much light is being emitted from particles so it means all other lights in the room must be turned off. Which often results in me banging into things or tripping over my bags! So, I could probably also say not good for my health?

    • Photo: Anil Jain

      Anil Jain answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      The equipment I work with in the lab while testing my device are very expensive. So I have to be extra careful. But I always have a person who is expert in using those equipments which makes my life easier.

      While I am designing the circuit its mostly a PC I am working on.

    • Photo: Leona Mc Girr

      Leona Mc Girr answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      I work with lasers mostly and a super duper microscope called a Scanning Electron Microscope and whatever else I can find!

    • Photo: Claire O'Connell

      Claire O'Connell answered on 10 Nov 2015:

      Some of them I feel have a life of their own and depending on their mood, work when they like.
      The main instrument I use is the fluorescent microscope which generally isn’t too badly behaved. It let’s me see really cool images of cells up close and personal. Which is essential to my PhD project.