• Question: How often do you study per day?

    Asked by 994nand48 to Leona, Claire, Anil on 19 Nov 2015.
    • Photo: Anil Jain

      Anil Jain answered on 19 Nov 2015:

      Very little. Some time I read journal to read latest research or sometimes books to get more information to work on. But in general I probably read a book once a month or so.

    • Photo: Leona Mc Girr

      Leona Mc Girr answered on 19 Nov 2015:

      Hmm well I suppose I study journals and my data most days. Usually i would read journals before i carry out an experiment and then run an experiment over a few days. Afterwards I study my results and see what they mean. So to conclude I have study days and experimental days- hope that makes sense?

    • Photo: Claire O'Connell

      Claire O'Connell answered on 19 Nov 2015:

      Not study in the sense like secondary school studying but study as in researching what other groups have done I definitely do on the daily. I study websites that help to improve my protocols and help me come up with new experiments to try. This involves reading journals. Some take ages to read so maybe I only get through one a day.