• Question: How long have you being working in science?

    Asked by The Doctor (John D) to Claire, Leona, Anil, Aisling, Micki on 8 Nov 2015. This question was also asked by 366nand46, Jimbo keenan??, Buddy, Gibbo, 587nand46, 289nand36.
    • Photo: Claire O'Connell

      Claire O'Connell answered on 8 Nov 2015:

      This will be my 7th year working in science if you include my undergraduate course. In this I had a number of internships in different labs before staring my PhD which I am now starting my 3rd year of.

    • Photo: Anil Jain

      Anil Jain answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      5 years now in Tyndall and 2 years in industry. This is after I finished my Masters degree.

    • Photo: Leona Mc Girr

      Leona Mc Girr answered on 9 Nov 2015:

      My degree was 3 years, I worked for 1 year in a pharmaceutical company, my PhD was 3 years and my post doc is 1 year so this is my 8th year . . . time flies when you are having fun!

    • Photo: Micki Mitchell

      Micki Mitchell answered on 16 Nov 2015:

      Four years as an undergrad and 5 years in research. Nine years.. Wow, that’s a long time..

    • Photo: Aisling Kerr

      Aisling Kerr answered on 17 Nov 2015:

      About 8 years all in all if you count undergrad degree! It takes a long time to get qualified!