Thank you from your winner – Claire!

claireoconnellHello all,

I have to admit when I signed up for I’m a Scientist I was definitely unprepared for the events that took place. I was expecting questions from students of course but I didn’t think they would be so insightful as to make me stop and think about why I like being a scientist and the challenges that I face on a daily bases. The live chats were hectic but this was only a sign that you guys were really interested in what we scientists do and that was our aim! I also found myself looking forward to them and trying to do as many as possible because there were so many good questions asked. So thank you for the engagement.

Thanks to all the students for putting in the time to come up with some great questions and taking part, and of course to everyone who voted for me.
I will be in contact with your schools in the new year to make arrangements for the day of demonstrations that will take place here at DCU so I’ll get a chance to meet some of you then. I will also be continuing my science outreach activities with Physics Busking so if you see me at an event come say hello, I’d love to meet as many of you as I can!

Thanks of course to the moderators and organising committee of I’m a Scientist along with the teachers who all chipped in for the smooth running over the last two hectic weeks. Without you guys it couldn’t have been done.

Finally, thank you to the other scientists Micki, Leona, Anil and Aisling for their help and contributions in the live chats and answering some tricky (but great) questions.

Thank you all, it’s been fun!


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  1. aniljain says:

    Congratulations. Well deserved.

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